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Web Design Packages

Basic Package

This package includes:

  1. A FREE Domain Name; 
  2. A basic 4-5 page site made with WordPress ;
  3. Free SSL Certificate; 
  4. Hosting for 1 year.

Prices starting at $200. 

Social Media Upgrade

This is an add-on package and includes the following :

  1. Creation of Social Media accounts;
  2. Creation of a Gmail account;
  3. Creation of a Google Business account;
  4. Creation of Directory Listings.

Prices starting at $150.

New Monthly Design Payment Plan for Start-Ups!

If you are a Small Business Start-Up looking for a design package to fit your budget, look no further! We now offer our Basic Design Package on a monthly payment plan. Get everything included in the Basic Package and only pay $25 a month for the first year. After that, you will only pay the standard hosting rate, the domain renewal fee, and the SSL renewal fee per year.  (Approx. $60 per year)            *Some Conditions Apply 

Contact Us Now For This Great Offer! 

FREE Domain Name includes private registration for 1 year; (.coms only, other TLD’s at a slightly higher rate; ask for details).

Basic 4-5 page site (i.e., Home, About, Services, Contact, etc.)

Social Media Upgrade Details

Depending on your needs and / or desires, I will create the following:

  1. Social Media: accounts on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linked-In, and Pinterest. This includes cover graphics.
  2. Creation of a Gmail account: I recommend a Gmail account (that I can also set up for you). Gmail has many flexible features. Beside being able to integrate seamless forwarding from the provided e-mail accounts on my hosting platform, I can also create your custom e-mail letterhead and signature. 
  3. Creation of a Google Business account: linked to your Gmail account,  which will allow you to set up paid Google ads and also get your “Maps” listing. This is huge for your business!
  4. Creation of Business Directory Listings: Yelp and Yellow Pages, plus up to 3 more listings of your choice.
  5. All of these will have links on your website, helping you create the web presence you need. These are all just basic things to help you get started, but they are a good start.

Graphic Design

I will work with you to design your Logo, Business Cards, Postcards & Flyers, Stationery, Brochures & Rack Cards, Stamps, Address Labels, Promotional Products, and more! Contact us for more information!

Additional Information

I will only take on one job at a time so that I can devote my full attention to you! You will need to provide all of your textual content; logos (if you don’t have one, I can assist); color, font and preferences of design. I will work closely with you and work to attempt to achieve your total satisfaction. For that reason, I do not require full payment up front like some do. I only ask for a small, non-refundable deposit to cover the cost of the domain name. (If you are not happy with the design I provide, your domain name can be transferred to you.) I have covered everything I can think of at this time, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact me

I am an uncomplicated man and do things fairly informally. I will ask that the non-refundable deposit be made PayPal. I don’t believe in long contracts with all the legalese that is ridiculously deep and often hard to understand. My contracts are simple, with a brief description of the project and a signature. If all of this sounds acceptable to you, please consider shooting me an e-mail, or calling me at 310-933-9474 (I will answer “Wallace Mobile Notary”)

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